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Marika's recent work in social practice includes: documentaries for non-profit organizations in South Asia, as well as experimental video and soundwave photography projects. The focus of her work is on vulnerable populations, disability and human rights.


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Denied - A Life Confined 2013

Two Video Pieces


International Version [20:28]

Nepali Version [22:25]

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For most disabled and other marginalized populations, economic and educational barriers are significant and real access to services and a life with dignity is a struggle. This documentary is a portrait of one such person in Nepal, a paralyzed young man, whose life and dreams are confined but whose family love and care are an example to us all.


PHASE 2013

P.H.A.S.E. World Wide

Two Video Pieces

--------------------------------------------------------------------Web Short [3:12]

Extended Version [13:07]

 phase iamge

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PHASE (Practical Help Achieving Self Empowerment) has been working in some of the most remote villages onearth, in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Access to basic services is key to breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering communities and individuals to achieve their full potential. Our Nepali team, supports community led projects, to improve education, provide life saving health care and realize the development of sustainable services. Since 2006, PHASE has been supporting the most vulnerable to break the cycle of poverty, by assisting communities and local authorities to lay the groundwork for a self –sufficient future.
PHASE is a grassroots non-profit working in some of the most remote villages on earth, in the Himalayan region of Nepal. This video documents the health, education and development projects in once such community and the villagers drive to move these projects forward, empowering themselves to break the cycle of poverty.


Denied - The Dignity of Three Women 2012



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When the majority fails to be inclusive, vulnerable populations are robbed of their identity and the resources necessary for their survival. This documentary witnesses the lives of three differently-abled Nepali women who refuse to be invisible, refuse to be denied.


Chetana - Opening The Mind Through Education 2012


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Chetana’s motto is : « Skillful women in every society. »

Chetana is a non profit based in Pokhara and neighboring villages which provides literacy, skills and business training and employment to local women while preserving traditional Nepali handcraft skills. This documentary was shot in the workshop and store that in turn supports the education of these women and their children.

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Cambodian Rurual Development Team 2011

Three Video Pieces


Visual Tour [10:52]

Biodigester [3:45]

Water & Agriculture [5:51]


In 2010 I shot and produced several short documentary pieces for the Cambodian Rural Development Team and communities involved in sustainable land use management projects on the islands of the Mekong and the forests of Mondulkiri Province. CRDT is a local Cambodian NGO that “bridges the gap between sustainable rural development and conservation” working on community goals to improve food security, incomes and living standards.  These videos document community life and the integration of projects focused on the development of water security, irrigation, fish farming, animal husbandry and renewable energy sources.






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