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The Boston Globe, April 25, 2001
Video artist projects bare essence of creativity

By Christine Temin

Artist Denise Marika's largest projection to date is part of " The Wall at WAM" project - a 67-foot expanse in which she is the first to project video upon the museum's Renaissance Courtyard. In Marika's current projection the artist is busy building and then tearing down a wall on the wall. She first smears red clay on the wall surface, then as the projections begins, the video adds another layer to the real surface as the artist applies and then "claws the clay off". The full length of this process takes 40 minutes.
Marika's site sensitivity relates to the space exceptionally well in the museum's famous mosaic, which matches in color and texture her video and the application of the clay to the wall. Marika's process suggests the gestural process of the abstract expressionists, which connects her work with painting. The video can be viewed from various perspectives adding to its drama even further.