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Timeout Telegram & Gazette, April 5, 2001
Artist unearths a first for Worcester Art Museum wall series

By Frank Magiera
Telegram & Gazette Staff

The Worcester Art Museum is about to test its viewers in it�s latest installation �The Wall at WAM� series of murals. Ms. Marika�s latest piece �Unearthed� projects a � larger than life-sized� video of herself on a 60 foot long wall. The placement of the video piece relates to the �Hunt� mosaic, which is also on display inside the museum�s Renaissance Court. Susan Stoops the curator of the exhibition said, �The installation, like all good art, brings together a range of Cultural issues and connects them to a specific place and time.�

Ms. Marika when asked about the installation said, � The thing we forget about and what�s beautiful about doing a contemporary piece in a setting with such history, is the connection to the human body, the aesthetic of the nude figure throughout history and time is one of reverence� The clay, both on the wall and in the projection was intended to connect with the Roman mosaics in the space ��It relates to the idea of exposing and unearthing things from the ground and how we unearth different cultures and find out about those people and that time in history��