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The Boston Globe, October 11, 2002

Pictures tell a story

By Cate McQuaid

“Fictions: New Narratives in Contemporary Photography and Video” at the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University…

… All the images in ”Fictions” carry that psychological charge: the weight, need, and suffering of life, whether on a personal level or a societal one.

…Denise Marika, whose “Battle photo Series (I-VII)” is in “Fictions,” says that work references ancient Greek art.

…"The connection to art history shows a line between us as contemporary people and people from earlier times periods,” Marika suggests. “There are some things that are as ancient as cave dwellers and as contemporary as everyday life."

Like many images in the show, “Battle Photo Series (I-VII)” was made in conjunction with a video piece. It features seven steel beams, each containing a silver of an image of a nude man a women struggling.