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Boston Herald, February 13, 2004
Contemporary self-portraits echo life views at DeCordova

By Joanne Silver/visual ArtsFriday February 13, 2004

“I identify myself, as always, with something human, " the poet Randall Jarrell wrote. Many artists working today do the same, utilizing an ever-expanding repertoire of techniques, media and scientific discoveries. Although self-portraiture has been focus for artist since at least the 15th century, contemporary individuals are especially driven to investigate themselves in a world that bombards them with possibilities and with change.

At the DeCordoba Museum, “Self-Evidence: Identity In Contemporary Art” presents a staggering array of forms in which 28 artists have harnesses aspects of their own being…

…The physical body serves as the starting point for a number of interior journeys. Denise Marika’s “Recoil” records fragility and strength in a videotape of the artist nude, being pelted by 3-D replicas of herself...