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The New York Times, Saturday, December 5th, 2009

A Rock Star Singing the Blues Over His Lost Muse


By Charles Isherwood

"The classical myth about a devoted lover who braves death only to be undone by a backward glance receives another retelling in �Orpheus X,� a music-theater piece written by and starring Rinde Eckert as a rock star obsessed with the unknown woman his taxi mowed down one rainy night in the city."

. . . .

"The production, directed by Robert Woodruff, accentuates the piece�s chilly integrity. Eerie video by Denise Marika is projected onto the giant, weathered I-beams that dominate the set, which David Zinn and she designed. Images of destruction alternate with visions of the nude Ms. Hanson wandering in what appears to be an abandoned building, or with close-ups of honey or blood slowly dripping. While Orpheus broods on his loss, Eurydice madly fills the glass walls of the underworld with her writings (in Greek, it appears), although she is given only chalk to work with � nothing here can be of any permanence."