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EXCERPTS FROM:, Friday, April 4th, 2006

Orpehus X


By Andy Propst


"The gods must be smiling. Multihyphenate Rinde Eckert and helmer Robert Woodruff have taken an ancient Greek myth and reinvented it for the modern age of disenchantment and disillusionment. They have reshaped the story of Orpheus -- musician and mourner extraordinaire -- into a stunning music-theater production ART is world preeming. Powerfully acted and gorgeously sung by a trio of striking performers who include Eckert, the work should find an extended life on daring stages."


"Eckert and Woodruff, who previously collaborated on another revised epic tale, the post-Vietnam odyssey "Highway Ulysses," create in "Orpheus X" a production of haunting beauty, harsh realities and fascinating rhythms. Video artist Denise Marika and designer David Zinn fill a raw and elemental stage landscape with steel I-beams, coffin-like closets (where the dead cast off their earthly possessions) and images of streaming blood, honey and water."