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EXCERPTS FROM:, Monday, December 7th, 2009

Orpehus X


By Marilyn Stasio


"This haunting multimedia piece combines elements of music, poetry, visual art and theatrical performance into a ravishing spectacle that gives contemporary meaning to the classical myth's eternal themes of loss and grief. Under Robert Woodruff's inspired helming, three singers narrate the story via the sung-through score, with visual assists from Denise Marika's stunning video projections."


"As designed by David Zinn and Marika, the entire stage is a work of art. Animated images of a naked woman are projected onto vertical screens and horizontal beams like some avant-garde film. A collection of memorial artifacts has the look of a gallery art installation. Chalk writings on transparent sheets of glass function as a silent poetry reading. And the stylized movements of the three singer-narrators constitute their own kind of performance art."