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Game Development

Stages and the Process of the Game Development

A game development blog helps you get a peek of the game development process and stages. Games are no longer the way they used to be. Technological advancement has done an awesome job of revolutionizing the gaming world. With the advent of smart devices, the creation of a game that would suit the time and trend is a huge challenge. Mobile game development goes through the rigorous stages of having to lay out a solid plan on how to get the work done, making the designs, executing the plans and getting the finished work out there. Some game development blogs suggest that there are 3 stages of game development; Pre-production stage, Production stage, and Post- Production stage. In the development of a mobile game, the following are very important.

  • The Game Idea

Everything starts with the idea. It can be a new idea or an improvement upon an already existing game. The new game should have the target audience in view. Would the new game meet the gamers’ needs? What impact will the game have on the gaming world?

  • Concept Building

The characters in the game are designed and the story and theme are well organized. The goal should be well ascertained with a clear story, audio asset, levels, game mechanics, setting and interactions. The general and specific concepts of the game must be clear and verified if it would be appealing to players.

  • Game Design

After the entire concept is outlined, the design of the game can commence. The services of a professional designer, programmer, and software quality assurance tester would also be required to help build and develop the design of your concepts. They will also help come up with a game design document.

  • The Prototype

After designing the concept and being assured of how the game works, go ahead to create a playable prototype for your targeted players. The prototype should contain all the features in your idea. This process should help you correct certain flaws in the game.

  • The Flexible Architecture Design

During the designing process, there are some changes from the original idea, especially technical changes. Therefore, your idea ought to be flexible because this is an important though challenging part of the game development.

  • Game Implementation and Testing

With the architectural design and prototype creation availability, the team works on the implementation of the game and the Quality Assurance test is being carried out by qualified analysts. The game can also be tested by some selected potential players and feedback should be received.

Online Courses for Beginners

Being a game developer can be tasking but fun. There are a handful of courses available for game developers especially beginners and with the dynamic nature of modern technology, developers need to keep themselves updated with the current innovations in the gaming world. This knowledge can be achieved by taking regular innovative courses. Some training options where these courses are offered include; college programs, summer programs, online courses, etc. Some of the game development blogs recommend online courses because they are flexible, short, and inexpensive. You can also know what people think about their courses through their ratings. Some of the best online platforms for online courses are;

  • Plural Sight
  • Udemy
  • Coursera

Some online course include;

  • Introduction to Game Design.
  • Introduction to Game Development.
  • Introduction to C# Programming and Unity.
  • Principles of Game Design.
  • Game Design: Art and Concepts Specialization.
  • Game Theory.
  • Unity Game Development Academy: Make 2D & 3D Games
  • Learn to Code by Making Games – Complete C# Unity Developer
  • Unity: Beginner to Advanced – Complete Course.
  • Unreal Engine 4: The Complete Beginner’s Course.

Creating Different Types of Games

There are different types of games. Game development blogs suggest that in creating a game, the creator should, first of all, decide on the type of game he wants to create with a clear vision and then go ahead with the desired design and program. Some games are specially created for online casinos. With these casino games, players can win real money. Online casino games are bug-free, fun and have amazing visuals. Online casino players also get a casino bonus even without an initial deposit. This casino bonus is meant to encourage casino game players. Players can also win real money with their casino bonuses.

Finding a Job and Starting a Career as a Developer

Building a career as a developer or getting a job isn’t unattainable you just have to start somewhere. Build your connection with individuals and companies in the field. You can also build your portfolio with personal projects or join a team to work on game development projects.


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