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  1. Just how playing computer game can aid you to get a far better task

A startup is encouraged that the skills acquired in video games, throughout years of training as well as” battles,” can be applied to function circumstances in real life.

The computer game industry is larger than the mixed movie as well as the music industry. Nevertheless, likely, few people will undoubtedly place our Fortnite success into our resumes. But why not?

A startup is encouraged that the skills acquired in the computer game, during years of training and” battles,” can be put on work scenarios in the real world. As Well as Video Game Academy– a company that helps gamers boost their skills-recognizes that this idea is supported by information.

Do you like puzzle games like Site or defense games like Protection Grid? The group discovered that IT workers play with them more than the standard.

However, if you choose World, Total amount Battle or X-Com, where strategy and resource monitoring are crucial, after that you might have a lot more in common with managers.

The concept of Video Game Academy is straightforward: analyze gamers’ behaviors from there on the internet game profile and also deal beneficial abilities programs that reflect their skills and capacities that they can practice as well as ideal in the game. And also there is already an expanding approval that computer game skills are transferable.

  1. Video games: from console to stadium and Museum

Despite the stigma they carry, they are a varied, global, multi-billionaire phenomenon. In the last decade, due to their high cultural and social impact, they have conquered spaces dedicated to the sport and the arts.

Following the murders of nearly twenty people in two U.S. cities, just over two weeks ago, President Donald Trump did the usual thing: he pointed out an absurd culprit to divert attention. He declared video games to be a glorifying factor in the violence that leads unbalanced people to commit heinous acts. Chain stores such as Walmart joined the reductionist signal and announced that they would stop promoting such games. But the economy rules, which is why they neither stopped selling them nor took out the killer weapons.

In the past, like Trump today with video games, they blamed heavy rock for killing and suicides, and film and books for fomenting depravity. From that perspective of guilt and pointing out, digital games were never so close to art.

Violent video games do not represent the totality of this vast creative category, along with them, many approach fantasy, sports, adventure, terror, history, and simulation to a broad level ranging from piloting cars or planes to creating an entire society. This universe was born to entertain, but it also educates, transports, and illustrates modern times. Also, the invoice of the products increasingly dazzles from their aesthetic offer and the enveloping experience they offer.

And so many people resent the idea, the world of video games also generates new interactions and analysis. Prevails in social networks, wherein 2019 has made more than 700 million of trills on Twitter and YouTube with million hours’ views. But he is also the subject of dozens of psychological and sociological studies that largely absolve him of the sins attributed to him: addiction and social isolation.

  1. Season 10 of Fortnite has arrived, and these are the news

This Thursday the latest update of the most popular video game of the time was released. These are some of the new features.

The news that a teenager had won 3 million dollars to get the first place in the world of Fortnite, one of the most popular video games in the world, surprised many last weekends and even raised some criticism from the more purist. But for millions of people, familiar with the game, it was no surprise.

Fortnite, a video game developed by Epic Games that first appeared in 2017, was stormed into the world and began gathering followers that turned it into a phenomenon in a very short time. So much so that by 2018 it already had more than 40 million players online.

The game, which works online and under the concept of Battle Royal, brings together 100 players to face each other in the same scenario, and the premise is straightforward: whoever is alive wins. For that, each player can collect weapons on the map to fight the others and materials to build fortresses and trenches that allow them to protect themselves and survive. Also, it can forge partnerships with other participants.

Since the game is free, and they only charge for changing the weapons, for improving the aesthetics of their characters or for obtaining Battle Passes that allow access to new features, their success has been massive. It also helps that you can play from any platform (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Mac and iOS and Android phones).