The Boston Globe, Wednesday, October 20,1999

From comforting images to mesmerizing danger

. . . .

“Recoil” is a shallow saucer, 4 feet in diameter, sitting on the floor. Looking down into it, as if into a dungeon or trap, you see the projected image of the artist crouching and squirming in self-protection. She faces away from us, her backbone jutting through her skin, looking ripe for breaking. Pelting down on her are small replicas of herself (made possible by a combination of laser scans of her body and a three-dimensional digital printer.) The figures shatter on impact, some ricocheting off her body, the fragments accumulating around her. While her little stand-ins lie in pieces, Marika remains whole, a symbol of stoicism. . . .”Recoil” is both horrifying and mesmerizing.