Orpheus X

‘X’ marks a new spot

The Boston Herald


“Director Robert Woodruff admits he’s ‘‘image hungry.” …

‘‘My images come from art, from looking around me and from The New York Times,” he says. ‘‘It’s righteous stealing.”

For ‘‘Orpheus X,” which opens at the American Repertory Theatre’s Zero Arrow Theatre tomorrow, Woodruff returns to his ‘‘Highway Ulysses” collaborator Rinde Eckert, another ancient myth and the video imagery of Denise Marika.

Marika, whose work has been exhibited at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (where she was an artist in residence), the Museum of Modern Art, Mass MoCA in North Adams and elsewhere, creates video ‘‘sculptures” which she projects onto I-beams, columns, sandboxes or windows…

Some of the emotional shape is guided by Marika’s imagery.

‘‘She has this wonderful sense of the human form,” says Woodruff. ‘‘Her video projections on architecture create their own sense of time and place. My job is to find a relationship between the text and the images that is both distant and right. We have to be brave in not knowing how it will come together.””