Video Work

Refuse 2014


Refuse is a word that refers not only to what we discard, but also to defiant acts that can catalyze change. Shot in Nepal, this video blends experimental and documentary techniques to reshape our understanding of the landscape and labor of trash-pickers. The layered, cinematic richness of the video belies its disturbing content and serves to underscore the indomitable power of the human spirit.


Entrainment 2012

Single channel


Denise Marika, video & (((::OFTHESUN::))), music



Entrainment is an abstract ethnographic video focused on cultural rituals and day-to-day life in Nepal. The video uses shifts in speed and location to underscore the tension between rapid urbanization and time-honored practices that shape social and cultural identity.


Arroyo 2012

Video Installation with Sound


Denise Marika, video & This is life., music




Arroyo, a landscape created by the use of a 10’ sculptural lens, an aluminum tube through which the natural
phasing of light, water and the horizon line are reflected and recorded. Amplified natural and sonic frequencies
were composed as an electronic call and response between the organic and synthesized soundscapes.

Effaced 2010

Video Installation with Sound and Photo-Lightbox



Effaced explores the metaphor of searching and drowning as it relates to body, voice and text. Source material includes a news story of witnesses to a military slaughter of civilians as “the people fled”. The overlay of audio, visuals, stills and text create a fluid dreamscape of abstract narrative associations.

Conversations 2010


5.1 Surround Sound, Single Channel HD Video Projection 7:48

Denise Marika, video & John Holland, music


Conversations is a sound driven video that reflects upon the fragility, humor, and pain of the human condition. Designed as a projection, the video is punctuated by a series of black frames that periodically plunge the viewer into darkness, disrupting the flow of imagery and immersing them in the sound composition by John Holland. Shot in Cambodia, the video concludes with historic footage of the Cambodian killing fields (Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh).

Tracking 2010


Three Channel Video Installation/ Three Stereo Channel audio Interactions

Single wall projection, two side projections on floating acrylic screens.

Two aluminum 20ft sound pipes

Video loop


“Tracking” is a collaborative video installation by DM, Denise Marika and Dana Moser and was largely influenced by the city of Berlin. “Tracking”
reflects on the international condition at the borders separating people from places and events, the threshold where layers of impediments and barriers multiply.

The projection in “Tracking” is constructed through the algorithmic interactions of a dynamic system. Sound and HD video are programmed to mix (edit) together in realtime according to software-defined interactions.

Tracking 2009


Three Channel Video Installation [play simultaneously]
10′ rearwall projection w/ dual flatscreen side panels

Video loop


Expurgation 2008

Four Channel Video Installation
20” projections

Video loop


Expurgate: To cleanse of something morally harmfull, offensive or erroneous; especially: to expunge objectionable parts from before publication or presentation. (Miriam Webster Dictionary)

I am interested in how we experience loss in the erasure of information and dissolution of identity. My task was to shred newspapers, images and sound; stories that were once whole are now emptied of content. I want to make tangible the voided material and the discomforting sound of its removal.

Downrush 2007

Video and braille Installation

Video loop

Downrush relies on the viewer’s complicity and passivity as witness to current events, conflicts, war, genocide and the associated loss of lives. In Downrush, a body wrapped in burial cloth rolls down the full length of a wooden stairway, the dead weight of the body hits hard as it cascades downward shaking the supporting framework.

The Puzzle Master 2007

Video projections and set design

This multimedia opera, a retelling of the Dedalus and Icarus myth, is set on an imaginary Caribbean island. Five singers perform in counterpoint with layers of computer-manipulated 5.0 channel surround sound and multiple video projections. Music by Eric Chasalow ; libretto by F.D. Reeve; video and set design by Denise Marika.

Orpheus X 2006 – 2009

Video Installation for theatre performance

Robert Woodruff joins composer/performer Rinde Eckert to create this music-theatre piece inspired by the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice. Video projections serve as an integral component of the play’s environment: Eurydice in the underworld, her pacing figure and gestures caught in the web of massive i-beams and the steel surfaces of the floor and a suspended box. The set was co-designed by Denise Marika and David Zinn.

  • Theatre for a New Audience, NYC, December 2-20, 2009
  • Hong Kong International Festival, China, February 16, 2007
  • Edinburgh Festival, Scotland, Royal Lyceum Theatre, August 25–29, 2007
  • Premiered at Zero Arrow Theatre, Boston, MA, March 25 – April 23, 2006

Leg 2005

Single channel video
Size variable

Silent Version

Sonic Version [11:22]h

Music Compostion by John Mallia


A leg is stretched along the length of exposed tree root. The downed tree trunk and leg are both coated in grey clay, matched in shape, color and form. Slowly the leg moves along the trunk caressing its length. In the silent version it is shown as

Gnaw 2005

Single channel video
Size variable
Video loop

A face buried in dry dirt eats its way to the surface as a gritty crunching sound draws you in.


Detritus 2005

Video Installation,Aluminum frame floor mirror and video
72″ x 92″ x 12″

Video loop

A projected nude figure crouches amidst the turbulence of demolition. U-shaped steel channels frame the deteriorating urban landscape. The jaws of a crane grab at the body stirring up clouds of dust and debris. Unaffected by the surrounding danger, the woman persists as rubble rains down upon her.

Ash 2004

Video Installation, Ash, steel beams and video
75″ x 63 ” x 4″

Video loop

An ankle-deep landscape of ash is contained by massive steel beams laid in a rectangle on the floor.  Projected on the undulating terrain, a woman anoints herself with ash.  The sound of ash rubbing against her bare skin is abrasive. Over time her skin darkens, merging her body with the ashen-grey landscape.